Convenient and secure personal bank with a crypto wallet

  • FREE deposit
  • FREE money send
  • Smooth app experience
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  • 1.Register without paying a cent
    Create an account using your phone number. Provide essential data such as your name, date of birth, and your residential address.
  • 2.Chose how much to send
    Send money easily with WLX. Just enter the recipient’s phone number and state the amount you wish to send.
  • 3. Specify the recipient’s payment details
    Provide the payment details of the person who will receive the money, then send your funds via a bank transfer, or debit/credit card.
Wire across the
  • Make your transactions global
    Communication has no borders. In today’s society we have relatives, friends, and colleagues located all over the world.
  • Make payments instantly
    With our app you can send and exchange money instantly. You can use WLX for fiat transactions.
  • Control your funds
    Do not waste your time by entering your payment details every time you make a transaction. Instead, you can attach your Master/Visa cards to your WLX accounts for convenient financial management.
Exchange funds quickly
  • Invest in cryptocurrencies easily
    Exchange fiat to crypto and vise versa in seconds. WLX allows you to pair both fiat currencies (USD, EURO, GBP) and cryptos (BTC, LTC, ETH, and XRP).
  • Make fiat conversions
    Convert one fiat currency into another in seconds. WLX supports the three most popular fiat currencies – USD, EUR, and GBP.
  • Forget about limits
    There are no hidden fees and useless limits on WLX. You can exchange currencies as and when you need to.
Send money to WLX users
  • Convenient money sending
    We make it super easy for you to send money, just enter your friend's phone number to send them some funds.
  • Safe, secure and profitable
    We guarantee the safety, security and convenience of your transactions. By using WLX you can send or exchange funds with a small fee.
  • Fast transfer of funds between WLX accounts
    You can send money instantly to other WLX users. We do not take commission for any transactions that occur directly between WLX accounts.
Take control of your finances
We take financial reporting and analytics seriously as they are essential components in helping you understand your finances and how these are being allocated. Our product is here to help you maintain full control over your money 24/7. For total control and the best user experience, we made sure our tools are both powerful and streamlined.
Tracking your personal financials in real-time ensures you are always in charge. By using your historical transaction data, our app can generate detailed reports on when and where you use your money. You will be surprised to uncover some of your spending patterns and habits that seemed insignificant before.

The WLX Crypto Wallet With Multi-Coin Support.

Store all your digital assets in one wallet. Use WLX as your most secure cryptocurrency wallet option and enjoy sending and receiving cryptos safely.

Why is WLX the Best Crypto Wallet? Simply put, WLX uses cutting-edge technologies to offer crypto owners a safe place for their cryptocurrencies.
Every top cryptocurrency wallet needs to make security a priority, everything else comes next. That’s exactly what the team behind WLX did! Therefore, what makes this app stand out from the crowd is the immense attention paid to the level of security.

Once you download this cryptocurrency wallet app, you’ll make sure that your funds can be accessed only by you and no one else.

To make things even better – we decided to offer our product completely for free. So, all you have to do is get this free cryptocurrency wallet app to your mobile device, and you’ll immediately be able to enjoy its diverse functionality.

WLX has it all. Apart from fast and affordable money transfers, this crypto wallet also comes with great exchange rates and many other benefits for crypto users.

It’s simple to use, seamless, and reliable. Yet, security plays the most important role, and that’s why we utilize some procedures to ensure maximum safety of your funds and personal info. Let’s take a look at some of the features that make WLX the best multi-cryptocurrency wallet.

Everything The Best Cryptocurrency Wallet Should Have

Internal Risk Monitoring Mechanism

Cryptocurrencies do not work the same way fiat currencies do. In fact, they are still heavily researched. The laws and regulations surrounding them sometimes pave the way for various loopholes.

That’s why it’s important to monitor possible risks, especially in software and services related to the crypto sphere. Luckily, WLX has an exceptional internal risk monitoring mechanism. It prevents any kind of fraudulent activity, ensuring the maximum safety of its users and their crypto money.

Frequent Audits

Internal, as well as external audits, are frequent at WLX. This way, we ensure that there’s compliance with laws and regulations. Moreover, audits allow for accurate financial reporting. It means users will have an opportunity to enjoy the operational efficiency of the wallet that is at its maximum all the time.

Data Encryption

Keeping your data safe and secure has become the main focus of many online services — especially the ones in the crypto sphere. Cryptocurrencies themselves are based on complex encryption algorithms, as supported by the decentralized technologies.

The very least a crypto wallet can do is to ensure that the data is encrypted properly and that only authorized persons can access it. Needless to say, the WLX team paid special attention to data encryption ensuring the maximum possible security for the wallet users. Therefore, if you’re looking for the safest crypto wallet, the chances are that WLX will be the right choice.

Security Testing

In order to earn the status of the most secure cryptocurrency wallet, WLX had to undergo a series of security testing processes. That way, we ensured that every single user will get the best possible experience when using WLX. Let’s take a look at the two most important tests that made WLX the best online cryptocurrency wallet.

Penetration Testing

Penetration testing is an ongoing test that we regularly execute at WLX to examine our security and make further improvements.

Essentially, in penetration testing (aka pen test) we assume the role of a hacker and try to exploit security vulnerabilities — if there are any of them. In other words, we simulate a cyberattack and understand the possible ways they could be executed. Once this procedure is over, we gather data about our security and work on improving it further.

Proactive security assessment

The concept of proactive security is not new, and it is based on the idea to protect data rather than the device. Simply put, all security processes are pointed at securing the data and the human behind that data. Devices will change with time, but data remains an essential thing, especially in products such as cryptocurrency wallets.

Therefore, our assessment procedures mean that we regularly overview and improve our proactive security. We update our processes using state-of-the-art technologies and methods, thus ensuring maximum security of our users and their data.

Cryptocurrency Wallet for All Your Digital Assets. Best Crypto Wallet practices.

According to cryptocurrency owners, the best free cryptocurrency wallet can store many coins and help its users make easy transactions with them. Therefore, if your plan is to go beyond Bitcoin, then using WLX is a logical choice. Apart from BTC, WLX accepts a wide variety of other currencies. On top of that, it allows you to exchange them with ease.

Therefore, examine the list of available cryptos on our platform. Here’s a piece of good news for you — this list keeps growing with time, as our plan is to make WLX the ultimate online crypto wallet for all the popular digital currencies out there.

Make Your Payment Matter With WLX Cryptocurrency Wallet

Let’s start your cryptocurrency wallet journey. Best Crypto Wallet- It’s a Simple 3-Step Procedure. If you’re interested in obtaining this wallet, there’s a straightforward 4-step procedure to follow.

  1. Install the app - this is a simple procedure: just download the app as you do it with any other application.
  2. Register - first and foremost, provide your phone number. This is a must-step so you could receive the confirmation code. Fill the relevant gap with a received code. There’s also an option to create a passcode and turn on Finger ID and Face ID features to maximize security.
  3. Provide your personal details - such as your email, name, residential address, and more.
  4. Now you are ready to use the app - add fiat money to obtain cryptos, exchange cryptocurrencies, or send and receive money quickly and effortlessly.

Wallets are not only a tool for storing our money. They are the instruments for making transactions. WLX makes them effortless and affordable.

Just use the unique wallet address of a recipient, and you’ll be ready to send them money that will arrive to their wallet with no banks in-between to charge you for this service.

The main advantages of using wallets:

  • They make cross-border transactions quick and convenient;
  • By using the wallet for making transactions, you exclude the need of middleman’s participation.


What is a cryptocurrency wallet?
Simply put, a crypto wallet is a piece of software that helps you store Bitcoin and other altcoins that are currently available. It works in a similar way to e-wallets (PayPal, Skrill), but it is based on decentralized technologies and focuses on cryptocurrencies alone.

How do transactions work with cryptocurrency wallets?
Every best crypto wallet comes with a sort of address. The proper way to describe this is to consider it similar to email addresses. The only thing that’s different is that crypto wallet addresses are used for cryptos instead of emails. Therefore, instead of sending and receiving mail, you’ll do the same thing with cryptos. The best online crypto wallets make these transactions convenient and quick.
All transactions are recorded within a blockchain and are immutable.

Is choosing the best crypto wallet difficult?
There’s no objective way to choose the best online cryptocurrency wallet. However, you should pay attention to several things when choosing software such as this one.
First of all, every top cryptocurrency wallet needs to be safe and secure. You don’t want your funds to get stolen. The safest crypto wallet out there preferably uses the latest protection technology and performs security testing often.
Second, every best crypto wallet should store at least Bitcoin and one more altcoin. Luckily, most wallets nowadays can store many altcoins. Therefore, you should aim for a multi-crypto wallet if your plan is to obtain several different cryptos.
Third, the app should be reliable and help you achieve effortless transactions.

How is security achieved?
There are two methods for maximizing the security of crypto wallets.
First, the technology should utilize data encryption and make sure that your funds and your personal info are safe and sound.
Second, the team behind the cryptocurrency wallet needs to perform frequent audits and tests. That way, they’ll make sure that all security systems are working properly.

How many cryptocurrencies can be stored in a single wallet?
Some wallets are designed to support one cryptocurrency, but there are also apps that can store dozens of them. Each has certain advantages. Multi-crypto wallets now seem like a more popular option, simply because people prefer owning several cryptocurrencies at once.

Hot wallets vs cold wallets — what’s the difference?
Hot wallets are “on the web.” They are online and are stored “on the cloud”.
Cold wallets store cryptocurrencies far away from the Internet. They are “offline”. Therefore, your funds are located in a hardware wallet and, as such, cannot be accessed by cybercriminals.
Cold wallets are widely regarded as more secure, but their hot counterparts are definitely considered as practical solutions.